On the Same Page Early Childhood DVD

UON scholars produce a DVD to support early childhood educators

A new DVD is set to help early childhood professionals develop effective strategies for working with children who may be at risk of challenging behaviours.

The DVD, titled On The Same Page – Social and communication strategies to support young children with challenging behaviours, was developed by the Special Education Centre at the University of Newcastle to provide those working in the early childhood sector with an overview of current research and practical strategies to maximise the social and communicative involvement of the children they support.

Director of the program, Dr Michael Arthur-Kelly, said the DVD is a stand-alone resource that complements the training his team has rolled out during the five-year $650,000 Early Childhood Intervention Professional Development Project funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care.

The Early Childhood Intervention Professional Development Project (ECIPDP) aims to provide integrated professional learning opportunities for staff working in early childhood intervention services and education that would maximise the social and communicative involvement of the children they support, reduce the likely hood of challenging behaviours and provide a framework for functional assessment and support planning.

“We have designed this professional development presentation specifically for those providing direct early childhood services,” said Dr Arthur-Kelly.

“The program is designed particularly for people working with children, aged 2 – 8 years of age, who have been identified with challenging behaviour.”

“After wide consultation with service providers and an extensive review of current research in this area, we are confident that On The Same Page will provide a very practical and comprehensive framework of strategies and measures for those working in this field.”

“This DVD features an evidence based model of training that looks at prevention of problem behaviours by creating a good care environment and delivering good teaching. It also gives strategies for when preventative measures aren’t helping and a child is developing those behaviours.”

“We see this DVD as a capacity building resource for child care and educational services to use as professional development,” Dr Arthur-Kelly said.

The DVD is totally free to all childcare and early childhood services. The DVD will be made available to interested applicants, in January 2014. A copy of the DVD can be ordered through the University’s ECIPDP website.

The DVD will be launched on Tuesday 10th December 2013.

For more information please contact Dr Michael Arthur-Kelly at

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