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Take a ‘Walk on the Positive Side’ as a mentor

Do you have an interest or hobby that you would like to pass on to young people within the East Lake Macquarie area, through a mentoring program?

Eastlake Youth Centre Inc. ‘Walk on the Positive Side’ program are looking for enthusiastic mentors to join their team to guide the young people in developing a youth-led and youth-driven creative program. These mentors will demonstrate and share their knowledge and skills to our youth through creative workshops,

The project will teach young people about their local community services and how to access them, thus encouraging ongoing healthy community relationships.

Skill and partnerships developed within the program will help with educational and employment opportunities for the young people in the East Lake Macquarie area.

For further information about ‘Walk on the Positive Side’ contact Program Coordinator Keira Knowles or Program Facilitator Jessica Rixon on 49 488 488.

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