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At 84 years of age, Eileen Jarvis is proud to be independent, is a keen walker and gardener, and has recently started learning to play the ukulele. But the great-grandmother was left immobile almost two years ago due to the pain from a plantar wart problem on her foot.

“I was talking to a neighbour about it and he told me of the student-run clinic here at the Wyong Hospital, so I decided to make an appointment,” Mrs Jarvis said.

“Now the pain has all but gone thanks to the wonderful treatment and ongoing care that the students and their supervisors have provided for me. I really can’t thank them enough. Being able to move around now without the pain has meant I can keep doing what I want to do.”

Eileen began her treatment regime after being assessed as a patient of the University of Newcastle Podiatry Teaching Clinic in Wyong Hospital. At each appointment her treatment and care is provided by a final-year podiatry student, under the supervision of a team of qualified podiatrists.

Dr Martin Spink lectures in Podiatry at the University and has completed research into how lower leg and foot health impacts on the risk of debilitating falls in the elderly. His knowledge in caring for the specific podiatric needs of the elderly is passed onto the students who are gaining invaluable clinical experience as part of their degree program.

“Caring for the specific needs of older patients is an important part of a Podiatrist’s work. With the variety of conditions and issues presented by patients at the clinic, such as bunions, claw toes and corns, the students are gaining invaluable experience in the assessment and treatment of these problems.”

The clinic is open for appointments 9am to 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To find out more about the clinic phone 4394 7280.

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