Central Coast students add voices to global discussion

High school students from Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College will be part of a new international project that seeks to give young people a say in future education systems.

The Year 10 students will lend their voices to the ‘What We Recommend’ initiative, which gives students aged between 10 and 16 from developed and non-developed countries the opportunity to reflect critically on access to education globally.

“Young people have the right to be heard,” said Matt Lumb of UON’s AIM High program. “Their voices are important and better quality decisions about the future of our societies get made when there is authentic engagement with their opinions”.

Tuggerah Lakes students will present their recommendations for future education systems during Education Week, at a workshop at the UON’s Central Coast Campus on Thursday 31 July, a process being undertaken by 20 groups of students across the globe.

Recommendations emerging from the workshops will be recorded and sent to a team at the University of Liverpool who will share combined messages from across the world with policy makers at the European Commission and at a number of international conferences, including the SiS Catalyst final conference in Vienna later this year.

Participation in this project originated via a European Access Network conference in Edinburgh and is being coordinated by the AIM High program, in conjunction with the University of Newcastle Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education.

“Education is the one thing that will give young people the chance for a bright future no matter where the live.” said Lilly Knight of Tumbi Umbi Campus of Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College. “We will be the future leaders and we must remember that not everyone has the same opportunities for education that we have. Being able to share our ideas with other young people around the world is amazing. ”

“Our students are tomorrow’s leaders. Their experiences as learners in our schools and their membership of the global society, puts them in a great place to share their ideas on what education needs to look like for the future.” said Shayne Player, Principal of Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College – Tumbi Umbi Campus. “They are equipped with the skills, understanding and confidence to speak up and make a difference.”

The project is organised by the SiS Catalyst initiative and funded by the European Commission program, Science in Society.

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