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Book launch celebrates publications of two UON academics

A book launch was held at the University of Newcastle last week to celebrate the publication of two books from the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, in the Discipline of Geography and Environmental Studies.

Leading Australian human geographer, Professor Richie Howitt attended the event to introduce Take Back the Economy, co-authored by Associate Professor Jenny Cameron and Welcome To My Country, co-authored by Dr Sarah Wright.

Take Back the Economy features the multitude of ways that communities across the globe are developing economies that address issues of social and economic equity, and take into account human and environmental wellbeing.

Already a best seller on Amazon, Take Back the Economy explores what people across the globe are doing right now, in their own communities and in their own lives, to create ethical economies. It also offers exercises, thinking tools and examples from around the world for people to implement small-scale changes in their own lives appropriate for their own communities and context.

The idea for Welcome to My Country came a couple of years after Sarah and her co-authors from Macquarie University formed a partnership with Laklak Burarrwanga and her extended family in 2006 as part of an ongoing research collaboration into ways of being and belonging at Bawaka in Northeast Arnhem Land.

The most important thing to Laklak and the other Yolngu women was to teach other people about Yolngu culture and the complexity of Yolngu knowledge.

Most of the interviews that took place were conversations held outside around a fire, or on a mat under a tree with the Indigenous co-authors up at Bawaka to understand how Yolngu people relate to their Country.

Sarah said the book required a deep emotional investment with Laklak, her family and Bawaka.

“Working with Laklak and her family has fundamentally changed the way we think about ourselves. It has taken our initial desire for collaboration to a depth we would never have envisioned when we began,” she explained.

Both books are available for sale from the Coop bookshop in the Shortland Union on our Callaghan campus. Take Back the Economy can also be purchased from NewSouth Books, Uni of Minnesota Press, and Amazon.

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