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Working together to improve the future of Central Coast business

Gaining a better understanding of the strengths and future opportunities that may become available for businesses on the Central Coast, is the aim of the University of Newcastle’s Central Coast Business Research Forum.

Central Coast businesses owners and managers volunteered their time as part of a small group to discuss issues that affect their business, at the Forum held at the University of Newcastle – Central Coast, at Ourimbah in June 2013.

“Participants were asked what issues they faced individually, and then more generally what issues are faced by businesses that operate in the Central Coast,” said Newcastle Business School researcher, Dr Lisa Barnes.

“The groups identified four main challenges from the discussions and were centred on infrastructure, staffing issues, regulation and having access to the necessary finance.
“The main outcome was a need was identified for businesses to continue regular discussions and collaboration with the University, to create future research projects and career development opportunities for our students.

“The University offers its students Work Integrated Learning opportunities, where the students can apply the knowledge that they have gained at university, to develop ideas and initiatives for local businesses, in areas such as marketing, management, accounting and human resources.
“Such opportunities will not only enhance the students’ understanding of their field of study, but also provide invaluable insight for participating businesses.”

Researchers from the Newcastle Business School, who are located on the Central Coast, and from the disciplines of Accounting, Management and Marketing, participated in the discussions.

“The researchers will use the information to construct case studies that inform our understanding of the business conditions on the Central Coast. The information will also be used for future research and may be published in a journal or be presented by the researchers at a conference.”

For further information please contact Dr Lisa Barnes on 0407651595 or

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