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Personal support for people living with mental Illness

Do you know someone living with mental illness who could use a helping hand?

Mission Australia’s Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) program supports people within the Newcastle area whose lives are affected by mental illness.

This recovery focused program assists people to improve or get their relationships back on track, to increase their participation in social or community activities and to cope better with everyday tasks.  It also helps with access to community services like health, housing or family support.

Participants can be self-referred or come to the program through referrals by community services, government agencies, health professionals, family or friends. They then work with their own helper to support them through their personal recovery journey that is driven by their own goals and helps them to cope better with their illness and overcome difficulties and challenges they may face along the way.

The program caters for people sixteen years and over who are willing to receive help for their diagnosis and to address any drug and alcohol issues during the course of participation. Case management includes individual recovery plans, crisis plans, advocacy and social opportunities.

If you know someone in the Newcastle area who would benefit from the program or if you are interested in self-referring to PHaMs, please contact Mission Australia on 4033 4910 or email

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