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Ben Mitchell 2

Getting to Know Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell wears a lot of hats - President of the Board at Roost Creative, illustrator, UON lecturer in Visual Communication, graphic designer and zinester cartoonist. He is currently working on a sequel to his first comic 'Storm Clouds'.

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Frank Millward feature

Getting to Know Frank Millward

Head of UON’s School of Creative Arts, Professor Frank Millward, is presenting the New Professors Talk on 28 May. The accomplished composer, multimedia artist, teacher and academic answers our questions this week.

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Lucy Mentoring Program 2014

Thirteen students commenced the Faculty of Business and Law’s Lucy Mentoring Program this week, continuing UON’s participation in this innovative leadership program aimed at women studying business and economics.

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Getting to Know Dr Julie McIntyre

History lecturer and member of the Wine Studies Research Network at UON, Dr Julie McIntyre will be presenting the John Turner Memorial Lecture on 15 May. Her research connects regional history to wider narratives in the community and shows how where we live fits into bigger histories.

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Getting to Know Belinda Bow

In February this year, Novocastrian and UON alumnus Belinda Bow headed to Nepal to direct and produce a documentary intended to put 3 Angels Nepal, an NGO working to stop human trafficking, on the world stage and give a voice to the people they are dedicated to helping.

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