Megan Croft in Nepal

Nursing student gains invaluable experience volunteering abroad

Megan Croft spent part of 2011 in the Chitwan District in Nepal working as a volunteer nurse at the Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital. Megan is a 3rd year Bachelor of Nursing student within the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

Megan began her journey to Nepal in conjunction with the University’s International Leadership Experience and Development Program (iLEAD) and Projects Abroad who helped her to realise her interest in volunteering overseas while completing her studies.

Projects Abroad suggested that Megan should consider visiting either Tanzania or Nepal. Megan chose Nepal and flew into Kathmandu before travelling 8 hours by bus to the Bharatpur Municipality in Chitwan District. Bharatpur Municipality is isolated within a deep valley and the roads were marked by up-turned cars. It was also summer and the Chitwan District is humid with temperatures climbing past 40 degrees.

Projects Abroad had organised for Megan to stay with a family who also worked at the Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital. Upon her arrival Megan was warmly welcomed. Her six week journey volunteering and experiencing Nepal was well underway.

The Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital is currently being expanded and will eventually provide 500 beds with 30 patients per ward. Each ward is attended by two registered nurses (RN) and 15 student nurses. Megan volunteered five days a week between 7am and 1pm each day and was able to choose where she worked. Megan gained invaluable experience in the surgical, medical and maternity wards, operating theatres and the ICU.

While not volunteering Megan enjoyed travelling throughout the local area with other Australians also volunteering with Projects Abroad.

Megan is already planning further study in Midwifery and also hopes to travel to Ethiopia and study further at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital also known as The Hospital By The River in Catherine Hamlin’s book of the same name.

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