Night Care Van

Night Care Van

The CatholicCare Night Care Van has been operating since 2004. The van featured in photographer Conor Ashleigh’s Engaging Newcastle exhibition. The exhibition, commissioned as part of the launch of Engage Newcastle, explored the many communities in our region.

Here is the accompanying story in Conor’s words:

The Night Care Van in Islington Park is a Saturday afternoon ritual for staff and students from St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton. There are such large numbers of students who volunteer with the Night Care Van that a roster has been created. The Night Care Van is always well attended by local community members, many of whom potentially struggle to obtain regular wholesome food.

On this occasion I spent time with two men who had met up in the park at the Night Care Van by chance. This encounter was almost two decades since the last time they’d caught up. After eating dinner at the Van, the two sat down on the grass, produced a guitar and started to sing songs they knew from their childhood in Islington. As the evening meandered on, the two old friends sang the night away with songs from the 1970s, songs I have never heard.

To see the full Night Care Van photo series, visit Engage Newcastle on Flickr.

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