Mapping Port Newcastle

Mapping the Port of Newcastle

Illustrator Liz Anelli has worked throughout the year on a special community arts project to map the Port of Newcastle. Originally from the UK, Liz has lived in Newcastle for the last two years and in that time developed a rather large portfolio of drawn landscapes of Newcastle. The Mapping the Port of Newcastle Project drew on Liz’s vast experience in community arts projects which saw her conduct workshops and interviews in museums, schools and community halls to utilise the knowledge and memories of locals.

While the Port of Newcastle often takes a backseat to our stunning beaches, its practical importance is the key to Newcastle’s growth and prosperity. This giant annotated map, drawn in Liz’s distinctive style, presents detail and facts about the Port’s history, industry and community in way that makes it personal to all Novocastrians.

The map was unveiled to coincide with Newcastle Maritime Centre’s fifth anniversary last Saturday 19 October and is now on permanent display at the Maritime Centre.

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