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Hunter Wetlands Centre provides UON students with study and research opportunities

The Hunter Wetlands Centre is a great resource for University of Newcastle students looking for hands-on research projects in the local area. With a vast selection of projects always underway at the Wetlands, the centre offers work experience and research opportunities for students in many areas of study.

Currently a number of UoN students are studying various issues relating to the Green and Golden Bell Frog, as well as helping with Waterwatch water quality testing and invertebrate sampling. The Hunter Wetlands Centre also engages with students from the University’s Language Centre, who work under supervision with other volunteers and staff.

Projects such as environmental impact studies and weed management plans have obvious links with courses in environmental sciences and management, as well as biological and earth sciences. Engineering and surveying students are also provided for with projects such as site surveys, stabilisation of shorelines and construction of fox and rabbit proof fences.

Research projects are immensely helpful in maintaining and improving areas of the wetlands. Some of the topics can be easily broken into multiple smaller studies, perfect for summer scholarships and some can be done as a complete long term study for a PhD.

The scope of the centre also allows students in other areas of study to gain practical experience. Art, graphic design and media students for example are able to assist with posters and displays for the public on the species living in the region, or wetlands inspired artwork for the visitor centre.

Opportunities for students to become guides and volunteers further increase the chance for involvement with the Wetlands. Even if they are not part of a research project, such opportunities gives the students experience working with the public and animals on a conservation site. Students studying tourism or communication for example, can directly benefit from the skills gained, and such volunteering experience is a useful addition to any resume.

Volunteering at the Hunter Wetlands Centre is not just for students, of course. Volunteers are one of the Hunter Wetlands Centre’s greatest and most valuable resources. Community members interested in helping out can find more information at the Hunter Wetlands Centre website or by contacting Volunteer Coordinator Grant Morgan on 4951 646 or email volunteering@wetlands.org.au

Students interested in finding out more details about the research projects currently available at the Hunter Wetlands Centre should contact Paul Trute at sitemanager@wetlands.org.au.

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