Engaging Newcastle: an award-winning campaign

UoN’s Community Engagement team has won a prestigious international tertiary education award for the campaign that launched the Engage Newcastle online portal.

The Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) presented the team with the ‘Knowledge Partnership Award for Excellence in Marketing, Communication and Public Relations Management’, at its conference in Tasmania on Monday 16 September.

The 2012 launch campaign integrated digital technologies, social media, advertising and a photographic commission and exhibition by photojournalist and alumnus Conor Ashleigh, capturing the diversity of Newcastle.

The campaign was framed around the tagline ‘Our University, Your Community’ and a new Engage identity created using the ‘E’ tile from Scrabble as a symbol of interconnection.

“The campaign was incredibly successful in raising awareness of the University’s engagement activities and reputation,” University of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline McMillen, said.

“The Engage platform is now a critical tool in the University’s engagement with its communities and its tagline has been extended further into our marketing.”

In announcing the award, the judges praised the Engage Newcastle campaign for its external focus and taking into account ‘the diversity and uniqueness of the region in which the University operates, identifying the education experience as an integral element of an overall mix’.

Since its launch, Engage Newcastle has featured more than 300 community engagement stories and traffic to the platform and its associated social media channels has grown between 15 and 20 per cent each month.

Sharon Douglas and Jayne Kearney from Community Engagement accepted the award.

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