Fairy Garden Quilt

A healing haven

The University of Newcastle’s School of Nursing and Midwifery has helped to develop a ‘Fairy Garden’ at Lampang Hospital, Thailand – a space intended as a ‘healing haven’ for unwell children.

Inspired by the Fairy Garden at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital, this initiative aims to improve the clinical environment for sick infants, children and adolescents and has firmly cemented a successful international partnership between the University of Newcastle and Boromrajonani College of Nursing (Lampang) in association with Lampang Hospital.

There are many children who are long-term patients at the Lampang hospital, suffering from cancer, TB and HIV. These kids miss out on educational experiences at school, not only academically, but also social interactions with other children in a positive environment.

Research has shown that children need both stimulation and hope when unwell and an environment that involves and actively stimulates their senses can be a positive step in both psychological and physical improvement. The Fairy Garden aims to create an environment that can be part of a holistic healing process.

The School of Nursing and Midwifery hosted fundraising BBQs and raffled the beautiful quilt pictured above and also took a group of volunteers to support the creation of this community partnership initiative. The project would not be possible without the organisations and individuals such as Epping West Public School, Tara School for Girls, Parramatta, St Patrick’s Marist College, Dundas and The Salvation Army who contributed their time, expertise and resources.

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