A Global Leader

A global leader

With a global outlook, the University of Newcastle engages in partnerships and alliances with a broad range of international academic institutions and organisations. These connections seek to strengthen our engagement beyond our local and national regions.

The University also has a significant cohort of students from around the world who are connected either virtually or on-campus. We are committed to providing educational and cultural opportunities which enhance the experience of our international students as well as our local student body. By doing so we aim to support the professional and personal growth of our students so that they may take their place as true global citizens.

The University also recognises that cross-border education has the potential to assist emerging and developing economies to build and strengthen their capacity in higher education as well as to meet their current demand.

As we move forward, the University anticipates taking its place on the world stage as a globally engaged institution and a global leader in each of its spheres of achievement.

For information about international partnerships contact the UoN Community Engagement Office.

Information for international students can be found here.

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