Lemonade Detroit

A city reinvented

Re-inventing a city that has been built upon and defined by a single industry is no easy task. Honouring the history that is valued by many in the community while embracing emerging cultures and encouraging a spirit of innovation is a delicate balancing act – and one to which Newcastle is no stranger.

The city of Detroit – once the world’s ‘automotive capital’ and home of the Ford Motor Company and General Motors – found itself in dramatic decline following the de-industrialisation which began in the 50s. The economic, social and cultural issues arising out of the rapid rise and fall of the motor industry in Detroit have been well documented.

Documentary film-maker Erik Proulx created and directed Lemonade: Detroit – a short film about how a community refused to die. As Proulx says, this film is about sensationalising hope, not blight.

Newcastle is also in the midst of an exciting renewal phase. Is there resonance and inspiration for our city in some of the stories in this beautiful film?

To watch the full-length version and find out more about the Lemonade: Detroit project visit here.

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